Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Ride Report--Mouse

One hour and 9 minutes--and 55 seconds. Okay, An hour and 10 minutes. A pretty good time, considering I road with a guy and we had a friendly chat. He had an older Bianchi that was in very good shape, and he'd had it for many years. He told me now that he's semi-retired, and works out of his home, he's getting back into cycling.

Now that the summer sun is higher on the horizon earlier in the morning, I can see better, and I believe drivers can see me better too. So, I'm riding a longer stretch on River Road--from Thornydale down to 1st Ave. I can ride much faster and it rocks! I was going on the bike path at La Cholla, but there one must make a tricky left turn across fast traffic to get on the bike path.

On the bike path I see the lizards. They look bigger this year. I also see the bunny rabbits and ground squirrles. This morning I saw a mouse for the first time and he was quite handsome. Very shiney grey color. He's probably old hat at dogding bikes. He hopped just out of the way to get a seed or something on the path, then hopped right back as I passed by a few inches--and he didn't even flinch.

98 for the ride home...

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