Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wing and a Prayer

Eagle Wing
My Tucson friend, Eric Ewing, is doing RAGBRI again this year - only this time he's riding from Tucson to the start, somewhere in Iowa where he'll then ride RAGBRI.  Whoa, that is a feat in itself - but I do think guys like "Wing" who are teachers with the summer off, do these kinds of things.  

So Eric, whom I coined "Eagle Wing" once on a hot Tucson Sunday Morning ride (the nick-name stuck) and a friend of his, will be riding across Kansas.  I've invited them to stay in Lawrence for a few nights or as long as they want.  

Wing suggested I come out and join them for part of the ride - and I believe I will, Gentle Readers of This Blog.  Where I join them will depend on how far Little Egypt is willing to drive me out - I'm looking at about a three to four day trek with 'em.

Wing and Me, after the Cupcake Sprint
 Wing is a Clydesdale like me - he's a big guy, and very powerful rider, so don't be fooled - I will be trying hard to keep up!

Wing riding the Tailwind out to Kitt Peak

My main goal is to boost moral if I can, help pay for a night or two at a motel, as I think every four nights or so they stop to shower, etc.  Eric is pulling some kind of trailer and I know it's heavy.  I'll offer to take a few turns pulling it - and drafting too.  I think once they get into Kansas, where they won't have much if any climbing, I can help them put in some more miles and gain some time.

There won't be a headwind - mostly a cross-wind from the South - but the main thing will be the heat.  It is very very hot, mes amis, so not sure how far we can actually get before its just to hot.

Wing and John, Casa Grande 200KM Brevet
With a third person, and Little Egypt possibly taking some gear to Lawrence that's not needed, maybe we can ride a few Brevet distance days.  Really up to them.  I will be traveling very light myself - I may only have old wool blanket to hug terra firma.

Eric commutes to work - our paths crossed a few time commuting
 Wing has a blog that he's able to post to from the road : I'll also put it in my sidebar so you can see where he's at - and with some luck, in about a week or so, seeing me riding along with the men!

Eagle Wing
Thanks for coming by the Blog!  Cheers!  Bruce

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Bike Club Ride

Riding in Kansas means going out in a pack thru the headwind.  Everyone takes a turn, Gentle Reader!

If you can stay on John's wheel, you will be glad you did!  A very strong rider to have in the paceline!

I've been riding during the week with the guys--mainly retired or semi-millionaire types that get together to hammer into the headwind, fly back into town--and then have lunch or go to the pub.

I've been riding a lot more than posting.  I've only just recently be able to keep up with the group.  I'm feeling pretty strong, mes amis--but I still kind of burn-out if I hit it too hard going out.  I finally felt comfortable taking the camera along, mostly because I know these guys better and we're all cool with riding in a fast paceline.  Today with the wind, we took things a bit more easy, so the camera came out and here's some shots.

Girls can definitely keep up with the boys.

Don is riding strong again -- he was hit by a car last year when I believe a car driver ran a stop sign.

My friend Paul is a big strong rider and I like these guys because they riding with people a bit faster than you only makes you better.

Jim is our Ride Captain -  we became friends in Celebrity Spin Class this Winter.

Old 59 is very scenic, and actually not that old.  New 59 only opened late Fall of this year.  There's still a bit of repair and construction to connect some of the rural roads to the main artery of Old 59.   All the riders in Lawrence and still exploring and trying to figure out what's open and what's closed.

The wind is pretty strong and its hotter than hell!  We go out about 20 miles to where Old 59 is not passable yet (on down to Ottawa, KS) and turn around.  

Also the wind will start to shift and that would make the ride a slog.  So we get on board with the tail wind!

Everyone loves a tailwind!

We fly back to town!

We have a nice lunch, a few beers, and then I ride back home to The Little House.  What a great ride!
Thanks for stopping by the blog!

Cheers!  Bruce

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Club Rides

Hot Summer Ride

I've been riding mostly with a group of Local Bike Club people and enjoying the camaraderie.  Mostly we stay together, like today, but sometimes a few of the faster blokes take off, and so I chase after.  Soon we're spread out over many miles.  Some riders get discouraged, give up, and turn around and head home.

Tommy, green jersey and far right - no matter what we're  doing - has to be first.  If I ride up next to him, he tries to go a little faster, and then a little faster.  Before you know it, I take a quick glance over my shoulder, and we've dropped everybody by a mile of two.  

Today I didn't play that game and just hung back and rode with everyone - discovering how cool and different everyone is and sees things.  That seemed the order of the day.  Also, it was very very muggy!  I quickly went through two water bottles - something I've not done in awhile.  

Anyway, there's always a Tommy.  Tommy can go way up front by himself.

Cheers!  Bruce