Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ride Report

I rode from the Golf Course to the office this morning. Pretty uneventful except that its about time I got off my butt. I rode pretty good and I felt great. I can tell my bike is in need of a major tune-up however. I still don't think I'm ready to brave Ina which turns into Sunrise. It would get me fit alright--its all climbing. The sun is a bit better in the morning. Back when I started the new job, driving to work, the sun was right in my eyes and I couldn't see--and everybody was driving really fast. Sun is higher so by the time I think I'm ready to roll on the bike on that route, I can be seen.

My commute from the Golf Course to the bike locker is 17.7 miles, so its a bit longer that 15 that I used to ride from this spot to UofA. The last few miles from Mountain Ave to Swan, and then TMC has many lights and 4-Way stops, but the road is good for the most part.

At work I felt like a new man--all the stress and goo running thru my body get burned off when I bike, and the things that stress me out abandon the ride and don't matter. I feel lighter, and stronger...

A few days ago I brought my old Mtn bike that I never ride much, and have it locked in the bike rack that's near my bike locker. At lunch I took it for a spin and went to see friends. One friend had a Beck CD of mine and I got that back. My stylist--who cuts my hair wasn't in--he had been in a car wreck and my last appointment was cancelled. I never re-scheduled but wanted to say hello.

Gosh, this is boring--what else should I tell you? The main thing is that I just got out there and rode. Now I'm starting to see the other men and women that work at TMC ride in as well. Must be something in the air.


Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Glenn Ave

I had a nice commute into the office this morning. Just the 10 mile commute down Glenn Ave. It sure is nice to be on the bike, and I'll be figuring out the logistics as I go. I'm still fumbling with which entrance is faster, with less traffic, etc.

This morning, I met another cyclist in the tiny locker room--turns out the guy is Dr. Steve W. and what a cool guy. Usually I won't run into him, he says, because this morning he was running a little late. He was pleasantly surprised that the new librarian is a cyclist--this helps me out with job security because, as I found out later, Steve, as he would rather I call him, is buds with the Head Honcho here at TMC. And my boss tells me that Steve is one of the top docs and a pretty important guy--but what ever he is, he was a nice fellow.

Yesterday I drove over to Pima Street Bikes, and I was surprised how close it was. I bought a tube for Bev's bike, but discovered it was the wrong size. Today at lunch, I went back to the bike locker, got the bike, and zipped over to the shop in 2 minutes. I couldn't believe how close I was. It took me longer to drive there yesterday--I had to wait forever to make a left across Grant Ave. Anyway, I exchaged the tube for the right one, and was on my way.

The thing was that from the corner of Pima and Beverly, I could see all the down the road and just see the top of the TMC water tower. The library is right underneath this 1927 hunk of steel--that I hope never falls while I'm in the office. Anyway--I don't believe I would have noticed this vista had I been in the climate-controled auto.

Its good for me to see new things, and ride down roads I've never seen. Everywhere is a discovery. The neighborhood isn't really that great, but some on the little bungalos have quite a bit of charm. Character and charm--luckily you can still find it here and there.

Tonight I plan to make the right turn on Glenn and Mountain--so as to not ride down into the ruins.


Friday, April 07, 2006

My Food Poisoning Adventure!

Bon Jour Mes Amis.

Yes, that's right--got food poisoning. I have been home sick for going on six days. I am only able to write this because of the two IV bags I received yesterday while at Urgent Care. As the IV began to flow into my arm, everything changed from the black/white with green shadows--to RBG millions of colors--I lived!

I tried to go to work yesterday, but by 11am was in trouble. I must have been pretty dehydrated because the room started to spin and everything turned black and white. Driving myself to Urgent Care (which is ironic because I work in a 40 acre state of the art medical complex) the idiot light in 22X came on--telling me I was going to run out of fuel--which is again ironic because I was out of fuel mentally, physically, emotionally, and now mechanically. I really hit the iceburg this time...

I suppose I interrupted my Guardian Angel's lunch with the Girls so she could real quick put some magic dust in my gas tank and get my butt to at least the parking lot of Urgent Care.

The medical staff and nurses took care of the formalities--I didn't even feel the IV needle--and then the fog lifted for the first time in many days. Holy Shit! A week of my life was gone!

So Bev and I ate at a little Mexican place we like. That was Sunday late afternoon. Within a few hours I was ill, and then grappled with the beast all night, and then most of Monday. Tuesday was a rest day. Wednseday I went back to work and worked until noon--had an appointment but skipped the doctor visit--the worst is over so I thought--a mistake. Should have just stayed home one more day and rested.

Now Dr's orders are to stay home and rest--so I will. Already I'm feeling stronger and want to return to my old self with a vengence. One week missed of productivity both mental and physical. This week things really have changed and the sun rises earlier and sets later. It is Spring.