Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Bike Angel

Last night I almost got run over by stupid drivers--and they should have known better. At 5pm I'm going down Mountain Ave, and at the light at Grant, which is GREEN, a driver is waiting to turn left from Mountain onto Grant.

I'm going straight, and I look the shithead right in the eye--and even put out my hand and point at him--to say, "Do not pull out in front of me, Dude."

However, there is a Dummy No. 2 and he is on Grant waiting to turn left onto Mountain (which I didn't notice because I'm watching dummy No. 1) and he suddenly freakin turns left onto Mountain from Grant--right in front of me--and Dummy No. 1!!! Whoa!!! Where did he get this idea from?

So before Dummy No. 1 Turns left in front of me, Dummy No. 2--looking right at me, whips a fast left and I just miss crashing into his back bumper--THEN, Dummy No. 1 turns left in front of me and I just freakin miss hitting HIS back bummper! And why THEY didn't collide I'm not sure.

Anyway, it was freaky. It was freaky to be in that magic spot where, only for a second, you're out of Harm's Way. Had I sped up or slowed, or even hesitated--either car would have run over me or I would have slammed into them.

Must have been my Bike Angel looking after me...

Ah, well--the rest of my ride home was good. On the river path, smiles and waves from the joggers, walkers, and other people on the bikes.

Oh yeah, and there was a head wind but what can you do?

C'est ca, mes amis!

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