Thursday, June 09, 2005

Ride Report

Morning Ride in - one hour and eleven minutes.
Average Speed - 17.7 MPH
Head wind from the East.
27 MPH Down Thornydale (heading South) between Cotaro Road and Ina! Suppose I got a little tail wind after my spanking going up Tangerine with that head wind from the East. Anyway, I noticed I had built up some speed--glance at the computer and 27 MPH--maybe 28?

I decided to ride to Via Entrada from River, and then cut to the bike path. The Mountain Bridge is right there. The head wind slowed me. The bike path has trees and they block the wind. But there are many more runners and walkers, so best not to go fast on the path unless there's no one around.

Feeling quite fit I must say. I was hoping to run into Team Mooney either on their way up 1st, or maybe on their way back. But didn't see the Team...

Allure Libre!

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