Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Leg photo

This is a picture of what happens a few days after a killer leg cramp. The big muscles tore and that bruise is the blood that flowed down to my knee joint.

After Steve and I did our bike journey, we both suffered severe cramping--Steve first, then me. I cried like a baby during my cramps--broke into a cold sweat--and almost passed out. Steve later told me he almost puked during his bout. But we made it up to Prescott, Baby! I later found out that the course and the climb up to Yarnell and then to Prescott are well known to RAAM riders and ultra cyclists. The Race Across America, as it is known, is going on as I write.

My thigh is still swollen and tender but I'm okay. It only hurts when I'm sitting in the office and doing everything I normally take for granted. It donsn't hurt when I bike, so I guess all is well. Less work. More riding I say!


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