Monday, June 20, 2005

Sasabe on Ice, and the Eye in the Sky

This Sunday I rode with Glasgow and Dave Peashock to Sasabe. I forgot my Camelbak--a big mistake with the heat the way it is. But Peashock lent me a water bottle which I carried in my jersey. I wrapped that bottle up in my hat and it stayed cool.

I missed that iced-down Camelbak. Nothing like taking a swig of that water... but it was nice NOT to drag that thing with me on this trip. Going to Sasabe was fine--nothing to report--waved to Border Patrol as they played cat and mouse with illegals.

There's this little spy helicopter they got and every so often it pops up out of nowhere and zooms low over us. I always get this feeling I'm being tracked by some sort of electronic fuzz-eye, and then zip--there's the chopper.

I also believe that I/we get tracked via satellite. I can feel the "fuzz" if you know what I mean. Sasabe is right there on the border with Mexico--so if the border guys got nothing better to do, I think they track us with their equipment to make sure it works.


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