Sunday, June 12, 2005

Mt. Lemmon

Saturday morning I rode with Stef, McBain, and Mooney up to Summerhaven, atop Mt. Lemmon.

What can I say? 25 miles and 3 hours later I was up in the Ponderosa Pines! It had been many years since I've been up to Mt. Lemmon--and the places I had stopped at, well--there they were again, but this time I was on the bike. Incredible, just unbelievable that mere-mortals can climb this on a bike.

I did not bring my camera, Gentle Reader, so you could enjoy the scenes. Instead I borrowed the photo above from another Tucson cyclist's website. The fires of a few years ago are still evident, but there is beauty and a cool green feel to the place.

I wish I had better words to describe how I was feeling. Sweat poured off my body and I was soaking wet most of the time. But I kept my steady pace and pressed on--encouraged by Stef's energy and enthusiasm.

Going down the mountain was a blast. There was little traffic, and for most of my trek down--in fact all the way--no cars were behind me. I was cautious at first, but them found myself on the road going 35 to 40 miles an hour! The pavement is new and smooth and it was just the best!

Later that late afternoon as Bev and I drove to go get a bite, Mt. Lemmon presented itself in front of me--and I must say I felt as big as that mountain.

Peace to you all

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