Friday, June 10, 2005

Ride Report Two

This morning I dropped off Bev's car at the Dealership for service. The Dealership is not far from the River Path, so I hopped on and got going. Along the way I saw Linda Brewer--competitive runner of note--and, newly published author! She's in one of those Norton Anthologies. 9th Edition I believe she said. That's pretty cool--and it's a significant accomplishment in writing circles, in my humble opinion. So we chatted and had a few laughs as I rode beside her.

Linda driving the SAG car.

Linda and I crewed for Dave Glasgow as he trained for the ride up in Alaska--The Fireweed 500. It was a RAAM qualifing ride.

Dave training for last year's Fireweed 500.

John Heller rode with us on the John Farr course for a few hundred miles.

Dave looking strong after 24 hours--and now Dave is RAAM Qualified.

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