Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Thougts on Professional Cycling and Doping

When the One Great Scorer
Comes to Write Against
Your Name,
He'll Write Not that You
Won or Lost, But How
You Played the Game.

I think this is why Randonneuring appeals to me so--its about finishing the ride, the Brevet--which is no easy feat in itself.

Allure Libre

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Down the Road

After work at Haskell Indian Nations University, I did a quick ride to downtown for a haircut.  Here's some photos of a warm fall afternoon in Kansas for you look over, mes amis...

 Leaving work and riding past the Haskell Stadium on my way to downtown.

Riding through the neighborhood of Old East Lawrence on the brick streets. 

I have often wondered who lives here? 

The Old House may be getting some work done to it--I noticed that a lot trees and over-growth were removed late summer.  Also the front porch looks like the deck has been replaced. 

I was never able to see in the back yard because the trees and shrubs had grown so high.  This must have been a business here a long time ago.  Cool!  An old garage?  A used car lot?  Wonder how long ago it was? 

Close by the new apartment buildings downtown I saw this and wanted a photo! 

This is Mass Ave, and its a warm sunny Fall late afternoon.  One thing about Lawrence, and KU, is that there are girls every where, mes amis!  Walking around and being trendy.  Okay, so this old bank is now a restaurant called "Tellers" the food is awesome--and very expensive--but the service sucks.  I've had better service from kids at McD's and Burger King.   If you want to been seen, and have money to waste, here is your place.

Besides young college women everywhere ya look, there are "Bros"  They are harmless for the most part--just young dudes with a swagger.   These guys rolled up on their "Crotch Rockets" and I'm sure impressed all the ladies! 

My bike as seen through the window of the hair salon.  I had the same guy cutting my hair back in Tucson for 12 years--it was tough to find just the right stylist here in Lawrence, but I did.  Samantha is at this new place and well, most of the girls that cut hair here are kind of college-sorority minded.  Samantha doesn't seem to fit in (she has way more class) but she told me all her clients remained loyal (like me) and followed her over to the new place.  I hope things work out for her...

Like any other college town, Lawrence has its foo-fee business side.  Besides this ceramics shop, which was an old filling stations from decades past, we have a head shop, a candle shop, oh and a Gap--plus a bunch of dive bars that serve all the PBR you can drink. 

Leaves are turning and falling.   

electrocuted I suspect...
 Riding to work the other day I noticed this squirrel hanging dead on this power or telephone line.  The wind moves him back and forth along the line--in the morning he's on the south side and in the afternoon he's slid over to the other end.   Kind of sad to see the little guy up there like that, Gentle Readers of This Blog.
Cheers!  Bruce.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Riding and Commuting

Coming home from a Club Ride

I'll try to do as much riding as I can, Gentle Readers of This Blog.  Fall is here for sure and leaves are blowing and covering this part of Kansas.  I've been going out with the Bike Club and holding my own, however this weekend I opted for the shorter route and didn't go with the faster people.  Still had a strong ride, and again over roads I didn't know and had never ridden on.  As we're starting later we take roads with less traffic.  That's one reason I didn't ride a wheel out further because if I got dropped I wouldn't be all that sure the best route home.

Coming Home from a Club Ride, Old East Lawrence

Because we start later (not really that much warmer) I get to sleep in, even on a ride day.  Getting home later is okay I guess as Little Egypt and Rico sleep very late on the weekends--but there was a fresh hot pot of coffee just made when I got in--that was awesome mes amis!

Morning commute to the office

My year contract as the University Librarian at Haskell Native Nations University will be ending mid-November.  I rode my bike to work every day to work, with the exception being most of the month of May, as I recovered from my injury.

Fall on Haskell Campus, 2012
Cheers!  and thanks for stopping  by the Blog!