Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Rolling into work

I'm happy to report that my commute in was fast this morning. Another cyclist out training caught up with me on River and Thornydale, and we took turns drafting down River Ave. There's usually a headwind so it was cool to go a little faster then normal. At La Cholla, we passed another guy, and he jumped on. Got some speed going and I pulled out on 1st Ave and headed south to hop onto the bike trail, and on into the office. Thanks, Fellow Velonauts, who ever you were...

The ride home will be the adventure. Yesterday, Gentle Reader, I rode in on the morning commute, as usual, but in the afternoon, I got a ride home with Bev. 105 degrees was averted. Not so today--I will go for it. Will I be man enough? I don't think that's what its about, really. Am I dumb enough to ride home 21 miles in 105 degrees? YES I AM, BABY--BRING IT ON.

I also want to mention that since I got in early to the library, I had time at the Wellness Ctr (the gym at UMC) to lift some weights. Yesterday, I paid my membership dues and I was given a discount for commuting to work by bike. Some kind of new incentive started by UMC. So instead of $18 a month, my dues are $12 a month.

Oh yeah, there were some young women working out next to me. They could lift more weight than I could--but I was not demoralized, Gentle Reader.

I remembered the motto of the Randonneur: "Allure Libre"

My take on it from the French means, "Ride your Ride" Just do what you gotta do to get what you gotta get done--Hommie G


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