Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ride report

I got lucky last night on the ride home. The wind blew strong and kept the heat from lounging on the pavement--so it was cooler--and hey, only 100! But the wind was a head wind all the way home and robbed me of my legs by the end of the evening.

The camelback worked perfectly. I loaded it with ice and cold water from the library's water cooler. My water bottles are warm after a few minutes. When I got home, I must say I was still able to walk and did not crumple on the drive way as in days of yore. Plus, the year of an epic Randonneuring season training for Brevets has had the effect of mental and physical toughness.

But after a shower, a bite to eat, a few rounds of catch with the dog, a comfortable chair--Gentle Reader--I am spent. I start to get in a funk and I'm worthless. Bev slaps me around so as to keep me from just lying on the cool kitchen tile floor and falling asleep.

The weekend will be cool, and Steve and I are planning a training ride possibly in Phoenix up to Round Mountain.


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