Thursday, May 12, 2005

Did I mention I commute?

My commute--or shall I say ride--yes, I like ride much better. The ride is 21 miles one-way. 42 miles round trip. I'm not bragging or anything, most guys ride at least this far or maybe just under 20 miles, but 80 per cent of my ride is on some pretty good roads so I feel lucky.

I do the ride in about 1 hour and 15 minutes on average. Both ways.

My ride has been faster actually because sunrise is at 5:30 am. I can see where the Hell I'm going! And that means I can ride faster. I believe its safer for me too. People can see me. I still have my lights on and blinking--so there will be no excuse for anybody that runs over me saying some shit like, "I didn't see him." Or that lie, "He were warhing dark clothing, Yer Honor."

But you know, I think all the early folks are used to seeing me on the road now, and the working people don't ever hassle me. The people that get upset are usually on their cell and running late, happen to be behind a vehicle that is being courteous, careful, and slowing down to pass me at a safe speed and distance.

The Key to my survival is that I take a route that is, as much as possible, friendly to drivers. We both have plenty of room and they don't have to slow or wait. I don't deliberitly try to piss people off or make drivers nervous. Since I often drive the same route I bike, I can see where I might need to be extra careful because drivers just can't see a bike approaching.

Still, I don't take any shit from anybody. And let's face it. I can kick your ass. Leave me alone. Share the Road. I'm on my way to work, Fool--

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