Thursday, May 12, 2005

A flogging blog is born, Baby!

Greetings fellow Cyclists and bike commuters

"Did you start your blog yet?"
Stef was asking me. And I have, thanks to his help--this will be cool. Who is Stef? And how did he convince me to choose the name "flogincaulkenballz" for my posting name? Read the Man's Flog.

Triple B Ranch -- that is for Bruce's Bike Blog -- people will say, "Did you read that Cat's blog? Bruce's Bike Blog?" And maybe they will.

This blog, or as Stef likes to say, flog (f---ing blog) will be about my bike commutes to work.
I live in Marana, Arizona, in a place called Dove Mountain. My spread is humble, but there's some really rich SOB's that live out there and they flaunt it with huge SUV's and Hummers and have little regard or respect for the desert, runners, other drivers, and cyclists.

But I guess if I had lots of money--maybe I'd sell out and buy a bunch of crap as well? Nah!

Live and let live--and share the road, muthafuckur!!!

My commute from Marana to the Arizona Health Sciences Library is 21 miles.
It is awsome and I feel great and want to write about the hidden beauty and suprises that make it and my life less boring and routine.


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cleochunkymonkey said...

Please allow me to be the first to comment over your since I'm coming at you now from near Boston...your bicycle blogging is a bombasticly bodacious bobo burbling of pure Bostonian bambozo's...according to BBBBryan....I look forward to more!!!