Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cyclist VS. Dog in the road

So I had to drive into the office today. First, of all, a Tucson police cruiser was on I-10, and the SOB was only driving 55 in the 65 MPH zone (where everyone drives 75-85) so nobody would dare pass the cruiser and get going. Traffic was backed up for miles until the cop eventually turned off. Finally the sheep in the left lane moved over and let the Greyhounds have the field. I don't drive fast and I don't drive slow--but I dont' mess around--I get there.

U C when I commute in on the bike, the road is open. I get a pace going, a momentum, and I don't have to wait on people--watch out for them, yes--but I don't get packed in with the Snow Birds and the Jalopies, and the Suits n Suties (women in lil man suits) yappin on the cell. I spin, Baby! I'm rolling, ma Chere!

We must sometimes drive to do what we have to do. With this in mind, for those that have to drive, I ride on streets that give us both room to get there. People in their cars don't have to slow down and wait behind me--and that makes up both happy. What's that thing they say? Oh yeah, "Share the Road."

What I did see driving in was a cyclist fending off a mean dog with his bike. The dog was in the middle of the road and the cyclist was off his bike and holding it between himself and the dog. That dog was not going to let this guy pass. Now where I saw this was on Speedway Blvd and I-10. To get on the side streets out of the traffic, there's this funky side ramp exit. I never take it and brave the 200 yards of death. This guy might have had a short-cut up there, but next time I bet he just braves the traffic. Dogs always back down--in most cases. If you turn and try to run away the dog will go after you. The flow of traffic kept me from seeing the outcome of this drama.

When you come off the freeway, and turn onto Speedway Blvd, the sun is right in your eyes and you're blinded. Many motorists hit the gas here and barrel-ass through the overpass even though they can't really see. They just know where to aim because, like me, they've taken this exit almost every day to get to work.

Allure Libre, Mes Amis

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