Friday, May 20, 2005

104 for breakfast

So I took a short spin--I felt pretty good. What was real obvious was the lack of that coolness in the mornings. Its gone from cool, with leg warmers and arm warms for the commute in, to pretty damn hot. The only thing about this morning, although early, is that all the work trucks and such are on the road.

I also do a monthly ride up to the very end of Dove Mountain Blvd. Well I haven't ridden to the end of the road, and to the top of the mountain is about three months. Usually when I ride the three extra miles to the end of the road, on a very newly paved and never traveled road, I might add--something magical happens, Gentle Reader... I've seen deer, coyotes, gila monsters--and thousands of birds singing and darting among the massive saguaro. The road really goes through a wild and pristine wilderness. Alas, this time all I could hear was the rumble of a backhoe not far away. The million dollars homes with their faux adobe are on the way. And that's just the home. The piece of land probably costs the buyer a few million at least. But its just sad that they got to plow down everything so someone can wake up in the morning, scratch their nut sack, sip their glass of Ensure, and see the mountains from their climatized over-sized, huge expensive piece of crap house.


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