Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A bike racer I know

This morning, Katherine Burleson, one the doctors I know, showed me her silver medal she won in Phoenix over the weekend in the Arizona State Championship Time Trails. Pretty cool. Katherine is the one who showed me some articles about Paleolithic diets and nutrition--part of her research--after we talked about re-awakeneing chromosomes we still had left over from evolution. I met her awhile back when she was in the library to get info on some software. She saw our bikes in mine and Stef's office--so she's been telling me about her racing exploits over the last few months. Racing is pretty new to her, and she's gotten good. I have another friend Linda who's a runner, and for their age group--50 and over--the competition is fierce.

I believe these chromosomes that we have, once awakened, start to fire up other systems--physical and emotional--and the body starts to get charged up and everybody is addicted--the party is on, Baby!

The only other time I can recall this sort of funky feeling is when I started doing yoga. So I suppose there's the balance, and the beauty in it all. The more refined chromosomes are saying, "Okay fellas, take it easy--remember... Breathe..."


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