Friday, May 13, 2005

Picture of the Bike

This is my 2002 Lemond Buenos Aires.
Image courtesy of Greg Lemond's site.
This machine rocks.

I've ridden the Hell outta her--everything's good but I need to replace the wheels. I had to borrow a back wheel from my friend Gerry Goode, of Randonneuring fame, to get me through the 600 K Brevet back in April.

After the 400 K Brevet in March, I noticed that the rim of my back wheel was cracking at all the spoke/nipple points. I noticed this out on a training ride. Had I been on the 600, I am sure the wheel would have failed.

Depending on how fast I was going, I probably would have crashed, gotten hurt, and if I was riding with Steve, Rich, or Mike in a paceline--might have caused a mishap for us all.

Below is my bike parked in the office. Note the shorts hanging out to dry on the aero bars. The Aero bars are again courtesy of Gerry Goode. And Hey, I've learned to put pictures in this flog...

Oh yeah, on my ride in yesterday, I noticed my front wheel was wobbly--at the hub--which means the set of wheels is shot. I thought about driving the car. Nah! Rode the Lemond in anyway, and I didn't even think about it. Of course, the wheel could have failed and my neck could be broken. I'll take it to the bike shop and have Phil check it out this weekend.

Allure Libre

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