Friday, July 28, 2006

Ride Report--the River

I drove to the car dealership to drop off 22x. Last week, I rolled down the window to let the hot air out of the car before the drive home. Well the window would not come back up--it was busted! So I drove real quick down to the dealership and they guys got it up, but the appointment to make the window operational was today.

So I dropped off the car and biked into the office. The commute was short, and it was such a beautiful morning, I took my time.

With all the rain, there is water running in the river.

I remember one time me and my friend Jim Wilson went down to the Missuori River in the dead of winter, back in my South Dakota days. The Missouri had been frozen, but now big chunks of ice, big as cars and houses, where crashing down the river at a quick pace. If you stood there and watched and listened, you would hear an eerie parade like people running and pushing, and a crushing-breaking sound. It was an event that happened maybe once a year and you had to be in right place at the right time to witness it.

It was the same this morning. The rain has made the river wild again...

Allure Libre

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