Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Doing the Math

I rounded up my daily commute by car to my office--one way--to 25 miles. So that makes milage for the day 50 miles. For the week, five days of driving, the total is 250 miles.

1000 miles per month if I drive to work five days a week.

If I were to only ride round-trip 20 miles, five days a week, which would be my shortest easiest commute distance by bicycle, for one month--that would be 400 miles on the bike.

So by putting out very little effort (in terms of the difficulty and short distance of that 10 mile commute) I am significantly reducing the miles I drive by car.

Wow--600 miles compared to 1000 miles.

Not that I will ever be able to accomplish this, but say I rode my 30 mile round trip commute route every day for one month. That would be 600 miles on the bike--still 400 miles by car.

The Pros--Saving the Planet, getting buff, feeling fit and ready for brevets, and energy for all my girlfriends, mes amis!

The Cons--Up my chance of being run over by a car.

Today I did drive in, but I got it together and went and swam laps at the pool for my lunch hour.



Stefan Walz said...

Dude, you should ride both directions ever day and stop acting like a pussy.

"I'll pick you up late at night after work

I said lady,

Step inside my Hyundai

I'm gonna take up to Glendale...Yeah....I'm gonna take you for a feel good meal."

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

Mon Cher Mr. Walz,

I so enjoy your lovely comments to my blog. Is there a nice place to eat in Glendale?

BTW I love my Hyundi--my favorite thing about it are the leather seats.

Alas, like all cars, it sits un-used for 23 hrs each day, and birds thoughtlessly shit on it.

I know you commute everyday by bike. That makes you a better man than me.

I'll take some time to reflect on your comments... Yes, I believe we can change the world. It starts right here. (Where do you think I'm pointing, Dawg?)