Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bike and Swim

I had a pretty good ride into the office this morning. I parked at the YMCA this time--wanted to park at the golf course, but that would be 18 miles instead of 15 and I was running behind schedule--

My new Brooks saddle was giving me a great deal of pain--you guess where--so I decided I would try Gerry Goode's instructions on how to break in a Brooks saddle in 100 miles. You soak the saddle in warm water for 15 t0 30 minutes before you ride--slap the saddle on then ride about 20 miles--you're supposed to do this five times. And keep it oiled with saddle oil...

The saddle was already much softer on my sit bones, and maybe because I'm a big guy, my weight speeded the process of form fitting.

Kind of as I was suspecting, one of my legs might be a bit shorter/longer because I could see the lop-sidedness of the contour of the saddle. My cleats might be off too. What ever the case, if I can soften up this saddle it will be a major advancement in my ultra riding.

I finally got myself to Ft Lowell pool, which is open year-round for lap swim--and just not even half mile away--and I swam laps for about 20 minutes. Once I get everything figured out, I can save time and get there and back in an hour. What held me up today is that one of the Physical Theraphy fellows had just got back from his run--he tried to hurry but I didn't mind waiting. We only have one shower in our little locker room. I just took a quick shower and changed back into work clothes.

So that was kind of cool to ride into work, swim 700 meters (I am pretty sure it is a 50 meter pool) and now have the rest of the day to concentrate on whatever.

Have a great day, mes amis!

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