Monday, July 10, 2006

"You're Just a Little Dog" or Prelude to M S M

Mes Amis, Gentle Readers, Skeptics, and Mental Health Professionals--Marana Scottsdale Marana was insane! Images and comments will follow in a few days! I have a new camera, and will upload the images of our ride as soon as I can. Until then, know that I am exhausted, 10 pounds lighter, and sunburned the redish-brown colour of which is the hue of the earth and mountains of the Desert Southwest.

The ride kind of went like this:

Steve says, "Hey, let's ride through Picacho instead of the long way around." He means that this time let's save some miles and take the chance that the Dogs of Picacho will not go after us. All of you must know by now that Susan Plonsky, our beloved RBA, got chased by these scruffy dogs everytime she did recon for the brevets--so she wrote a warning in the cue sheets for riders to be wary. Everyone heeded her advise...

But today we're gonna slip through these few blocks becasue we are doing M S M, Baby!

We enter their turf--it is strangly quiet. Suddenly there's a growl and a charging animal! Hey, wait a second--its a puny little runt/yippy dog!

I laughed out loud, and cried "You're just a little dog--" My god but that was the most pathetic attack I've ever seen, and I laughed some more.

Up ahead. 50 yards. Two big dogs--pissed off--wait for us.


Here's last year's M S M ride report for your perusal!

Allure Libre!

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