Sunday, August 06, 2006

Monsoon Days

Monsoon Days in Tucson. I commute into the office and just keep up on what it might do from day to day with rain storms. So far I've not been rained on, but last weekend my ride with John and Eric got rained out--at 5:30 a.m. as we were about to take off, it poured rain with lots of lightening.

Back seat folded down, the bike is packed in the trunk the night before. All I have to do is get out of bed, get on the bike clothes, feed the dog, and roll out.

The YMCA at 6 a.m. Parking is full--this is the busiest Y I've ever seen. It seems to be crowded from when it opens until when it closes. I have to be careful not to get run over by people hurrying to yoga or early morning lap swim.

I ride past the Pima Community College campus.

Another view of PCC--a quick and safer shortcut up to Ina Rd.

Arrival at TMC bike lockers. This particular morning I felt pretty good. From PCC and East on Ina Rd, I pretty much have to climb all the way up to Campbell Ave--about 9 miles. It is a workout, mes amis.

Going home, later that afternoon, I have a flat. During the rains, all kinds of debris washes into the street. This flat was caused by a thorn. I was just at Glenn and Campbell, and pulled into the bike shop near there. I changed out the tube and the wrench aired up my tire for me. Which was nice because I didn't have to use the hand pump to air up the tire--the hand pump works okay, but its hard to use sometimes--so that was lucky.

With all the rain, the Riallto River actually looks like a river. However with all the rain the last few days, the river rose over its banks, and flooded the bike path. After a few days the water subsided, and I could get through--but it was muddy and sandy.

Rain in the mountains and then the rivers and washes flood. It could be clear on the way to work, but going home, the water from Mt. Lemon, pictured here from about River and La Cholla Roads, swells everything a few hours later.

From where I took the photo, I ride North on La Cholla and make a steady climb for a few miles back up to Ina--then to PCC and the YMCA.

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