Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bike and Swim

Yesterday I rode into the office. Going home was pretty darn hot--but not so bad because I just did the short commute, which is 10 miles one way. Most of that is on the River Path and one can take it easy.

I was still a little sore from my crash Sunday morning... With dinner I had a glass of some really tasty red wine. Dang but it made me very sleepy! But I got it together and ironed shirts for the week, and brought the clothes in today.

For lunch I took the campus bike down to the park for some laps. A beauiful day and I'm getting the whole routine down; more time in the pool instead of fumbling for keys and change of clothes and towels, etc. Being able to park the campus bike in a bike rack next the Cardiac Rehab center saves me about 10 minutes round trip.

I feel fortunate that I can get out and exercise, and I have the support of my boss...


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