Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July Freedom Commute to the Office

Yep, that's right! Freedom, Baby! C'est ce bon! It is so Good!

I took off from Dove Mnt this fine morning--about 80 degrees but that's okay... There was a headwind on my climb of 9 miles but I hung in there. Traffic was so sparse; it was mainly the cyclists out but they all seemed to be going the other way--down Skyline--instead of climbing like me.

I finally got to Skyline and Campbell and enjoyed the descent, then the one last climb to Swan. What a beautiful day to go 35 mph down hill to the office.

Bike computer says 24.3 miles in 1 hour and 33 minutes. Wind was strong, and of course I have to climb for about half of that--All in all I feel pretty good. In part to bringing enough water and a huge lunch--and a pretty loaded snack before I leave tonight--but I won't be carrying the backpack on the way home. That will free up the shoulders and keep me cooler.

I still have to get my ass home tonight, but you know mes amis, I feel I could do this commute not every day, but at least once a week. I feel tired of course, but my engine seems to be idling strong. I feel great. Let's see how tired I am when I get home.

Stef and Team Mooney were probably just starting the climb up to Mt. Lemon this morning. I should have taken the day off and done that. Not much happening here at work...

Allure Libre!

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Stefan Walz said...

Freedom indeed...you should have ridden Mont Limon with The Team. Angela and the kiddies brought the SAG wagon along...plenty of food and water.

Maybe you could have dinner with Capt. Anal Core instead. BTW I loved the picture of Callie in the trunk...that's classic.