Friday, July 08, 2005

"You go out cycling with the lads, then you come home with a sore ass?"

The Brooks B-17 came UPS from Peter White Cycles. My first impression of this saddle is that it could be used for driving nails, scraping barnacles off the hull of a ship, or impromptu body armor for a HUM-V. The thing felt hard as a rock.

On the commute this morning, I took a deep breath--I would be hurting for sure. Le Steve told me the only way to break in a Brooks is to go out and ride.

I am happy to report that the saddle fit well and felt okay. The only hitch is that I must not have tightened things down because as I neared the University, the saddle suddenly shifted and I thought it was going to come off. My bad.

Thanks to Steve for loaning me his Proofride--that helps soften the saddle and break it in faster. Thanks to Dave Peashock for the 411 on the Brooks he's owned. My previous Italian-made saddles were good, but after all the Brevet miles, they wore out.


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