Monday, July 11, 2005

Blow out

Going home tonight my rear tire blew out--with a ear piercing WHAM! As I slowed down I started to lose my balance--but didn't fall on the freakin' road--how embarrasing to almost wipe out.

On Mountain Ave going home, you can go pretty fast, and I was just through the light at Grant Ave. I saw the hole in the tire after I stopped and threw in the towel. Bev is on her way to get me as I compose the prose, Gentle Reader.

But I did try a trick I heard about and it seemed to work. You take a dollar bill and wrap it around the tube where the hole in the tire is. That way the tube dosen't push out thru the rip in the tire. I tried this and everything held, and I was able to ride back to the office. If I had to, I could ride back home--but it would be by sheer luck I'd make it.

Bev just rang, so I'm on the way to the entrance to meet her and get a lift!

Keep reading, mes amis!

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