Friday, July 29, 2005

I Run Over a Skateboarder on My Bike

Yeah, so I'm riding home and jammin with Gorillaz onboard the IPod. Nice tail wind and the bike path is clear/wide open... I see three teenagers on skateboards and they're not really paying attention. I called out to them, "Watch out! Look out! Get out of the way!" Not in a mean way, but just letting them know I was coming. The first two guys move okay, no problem, but the third kid lost him balance and fell off his deck right in front of me. Holy shit-- "Whump--Thump"

Kid's gonna be hurt bad. I'm going down. Who's gonna be hurt the worst? Him or me?

Well--and I mean--W e l l with a big sigh--


"Yikes! Kid? Are you okay?"

"Yeah--I'm okay?"

He waves, and keeps skating down the bike path with his homies like nothing happened.

I'm still on my bike. I didn't crash. My wheel's not wrecked.

IPod earphones go back in--and I'm spinning with the music and crusing. I have a tail wind on River, and I must mention that its only 100 degrees instead of the usual 106, 109. Nice... And when I finally arrive at the golf course to moi voiture I am tired.

Go home. Have a beer. Call Gerry Goode for info a on good place to have lunch for my Saturday ride with Le Steve. We're starting at my house and riding to Mammoth--and back. 100 miles.

Demain, mes amis!

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