Monday, July 11, 2005

Ride Report

I had to pack in clothes this morning. Last night I ironed and folded and got things together. As I was heading down the road I realized that I'd left my water bottles in the icebox--so I turned around home to fetch them. I'm happy to report that the wind was with me and I quickly made up for lost time. By taking River Road all the way to Via Entrada (about where the Mountain Bridge connects the River Bike Route to Mountain Ave) I saved 1/2 a mile's distance, and average speed was 17.8 mph. The new shorter stem that replaced the insanly long one, worked well, and my position on the bike was much improved and comfortable.

I can't believe I've been torturing myself all this time. It had to do with the new Brooks I think. When I set up the saddle, something was off--lucky for me Phil at Pima Bikes fixed it with first and simplist solution.

Allure Libre!

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