Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Mt. Lemmon Ride

It seemed like a lot of the cyclists stayed home Saturday morning as there were very few out and about--but Steve and I braved the heat and made our way up Cat Highway to the Great Mt. Lemmon Pie in the Sky!

Steve poised for adventure!

I must say that it was hotter than usual. Here I am at Windy Point--the headwind was like a blast furnace!

Steve was showing me the "big dent" in his bike frame. One the first Brevet I rode with him and Mike Alexa, Mike told me that a few months before, Steve got hit by a truck. Steve didn't notice the dent for quite some time... "Dang. Could of got me a new frame!"

We are on the top--time to stop and eat, Baby!

Two more miles--which turned out to be two very difficult and steep miles--maybe we should have gone into Summerhaven instead?

The Ski Lodge--and the ski lifts. People were kind of surprised to see us. "Did you guys ride up here on your bikes? You're kidding?" Everyone asked about the Tour de France and Lance, and if he would win--it was cool that everyone we met were so friendly and interested in our ride.

I took this shot going down--going down is fast and furious. Our trip down the wind was gusting rather dangerously, I felt--and it was hot as hell. Thimble Peak in this photo is a major Tucson landmark, so seeing it from this angle is pretty cool.

The Mystery Van loaded. I get out my junk--Steve has to drive back to Scottsdale.

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