Monday, July 25, 2005

Dog Town

This weekend I went to see the movie The Island. There was a scene when the clones escaped from their clone farm, and ran out into the desert. The desert mountains looked strangly familar--as did the highway. They filmed this sequence out East of Florence and Coolidge. I know the highway and the mountains from the Brevets last year. And it gets better. The clones end up at an old motel and trailer park where there's a bar. This shit hole they discover in the movie is actually the town of Picacho, Arizona. Luckily you drive by it on I-10--but if you're on the Frontage Road on a bike, you would recognize the other side--the side you don't see from the Freeway. That's what's in the movie.

All the Randonneurs know this place because it's where a pack of dogs lurk and attack you on your bike. I've been chased by these dogs on a few occasions, and it is gut wretching! Susan Plonsky, our RBA, changed the Brevet course to go around them because once they went after her and that was enough!

To save a few minutes on the Brevets, we debate going through Picacho and not taking the detour. That's the chance you take. You keep your eyes peeled and stay alert because the dogs wait in ambush--the place is scary and I get an uneasy feeling even just thinking it.

Watch out for those dogs, Boys!

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