Thursday, July 21, 2005

In a Funk

In a funk and hoping to get it together and back on chez velo. Blown tires, soreness in the hammies, and an assortment of other issues and incidents have put me down--but not out, Baby!

This morning Callie, my dog, got me up at 4:30 a.m. not to go "outside" but to play fetch at the Park. What is with her anyway? Maybe I wake her up with my restlessness and she figures she'll get me up and adam. It's making for some very long days at the office.

And, getting up at 4 a.m. on the weekends to go out biking the last few months--quite possibly I've set my internal clock to that of the Randonneur. Go and go and go and go and don't stop spinning--ride through the night like some sorta stoic phantom/shadow. Holy shit but is there anything else so awesome than riding 20 hours straight throught the night, rain, wind, grit, and lightening? Non, mes amis, ce n'est la pas! No there is not, my friends!

I need a vacation...

Yersterday, Jennifer, our intern, related how she was almost run over on her bike by a SUV. The SUV ran the stop sign, and clearly saw her but decided to keep going anyway. The driver had to slam on his brakes to avoid running her down. She had to stop quickly herself. She said the guy gave her the finger and sped off. Jennifer said by the looks of the fellow and his SUV, he was probably a high-paid medical professional--I won't say Doctor, because I know a few doctors that are cyclists and pretty decent men and women. Like Stef said, with all the construction around UMC and AHSC, the regular routes these pinheads travel are blocked off--so they are rippin thru the back neighborhoods.

Stef put it this way: If you were walking to the cafe and someone walked in front of you, wouldn't you stop and let them pass? Say, "Oh, excuse me." and keep going on your way and not think twice? Or would you shove the person out of your way, and say, "Hey, Fuckyou!"

What is it about the machines that makes us behave this way? Je ne s'ai pas, mes chers!

Oh yeah, Bev told me that they're selling Ford Excursions for $27,000--and I said, "Is that new?" and she said yes and with all the "you pay what we pay" employee discount hype, that's like half off. So they're givin em away? Maybe we should melt them all down and build a spaceship--go to another planet and Fuck it Up.

All Aboard!

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