Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Wind and Fire

Yesterday I rode in on the monsoon bike as my back tire on the LeMond blew out. I had a fast ride--I packed clothes but didn't have to pack food as I saved my lunch from the other day. I can certainly feel that extra weight going back and forth. When I'm going home I'm tired, I have to climb all the way back, got all my stuff in the backpack--and there's a killer head wind.

Speaking of head wind--on the way home, the headwind was really really tough on River Road. The heat (106 at 5 p.m.) seemed to suck the air out of my lungs. The iced-down Camel Bak is the only way I've found to keep cool--but it adds weight.

There was the slight scent of rain in the air. Something that maybe the commuters in their SUVs and Pick 'em up Trucks would not be unaware of... This same wind was causing the fires in the Santa Rita Mountains to double in size. I could taste that burning smell in my nose and mouth.

I was able to get to the pool and swim laps for 20 minutes. Going to the pool after riding in temps over 100 degrees (for over a month now) has made a big difference in my over-all health I think. The pool just cools me down and relaxes my bones. Feels good--and I'm "Country Clean."


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