Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This morning on my commute in, some old guy in his car called me asshole because he couldn't turn right while I was stopped in the bike lane at the light (it was red) I told him to lay off the diabetic foot (he was an obese, shabby physical specimen) and to go fuck himself.

We pulled over to the side of the road and a shouting match ensued. I shouted him down, saying "That was a stop light, which you ran, you son of a bitch--" blah blah blah he sputtered back at me that hater car head rant about how bikes should get off the road.

Finally, firmly pointing my finger down the road, I said, "Get out of my site you sorry piece of shit!" And he drove away.

Oh yeah, he had a pit bull or some other kind of big over-weight mutt in the back seat of his car--which snarled at me during this exchange.

I'm trying to calm down, but had I the opportunity to pull him from his jalopy I would have surely ended up beating him to death.

Love, Bruce


Doohickie said...

I had one of those a couple months ago. It was funny... literally. We were both yelling our heads off at each other, not listening to each other, and desperately trying to not be the first guy to have to pause for breath. I don't think I was smiling on the outside, but the absurdity of it all had me smiling on the inside. We ran out of breath at the same time and went our separate ways. It was bizarre.

Take it easy out there. Really, it's much better for your blood pressure, and much more befuddling to the driver, if you just wave and grin.

Dan Trued said...

Car drivers are building stress, with no release, so they are more likely to engage in road rage issues. I debated a car driver once while I was riding, so we decided to fight at the McDonalds at Tanque Verde & Kolb, where they have the big dinosaur. He drove into McDonalds, but I rode on. It took me only those couple of minutes to cool off, and I couldn't figure out what we were going to fight over.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...

The wife, Little Egypt keeps telling me not to confront the haters because she says many are armed to the teeth. She's referring to drug dealers and their US Lieutenants--when she worked for Homeland Security before Afghanistan, she spied on them, tracking where they laundered their money in Arizona banks. But its never Mexican or Hispanic people that give me grief, it always seems to be the portly over-the-hill White Merican, right up there with illiterate Joe Six.

As we know, outside the warm fuzzy feeling sitting in their cars, they are cowards.

Sir Bikesalot said...

I give em a wave and a smile to screw with their minds(I've heard of people blowing kisses too). Then I think how cowardly of them to yell at me and then not stop to have a reasonable conversation about our opposing viewpoints. There's a lot of cowards out there. Sounds like the one you met felt a little empowered because of his doggie. Anyway, it all amounts to worthless skinballoons so absorbed in themselves that they need to shout at what they see as someone beneath them. Just think, in vengeance, you probably ruined his day. He left without having thrust his manly brutality onto someone and turned from bully to coward. He has to deal with that until he forgets the encounter. Overweight loudmouthed drivers are like chihuahuas, they yap yap yap, but in the end they are harmless. Of course some do carry weapons to mask their cowardly nature so it is best to be careful out there (unfortunate it is that since the firearm was invented it is harder to distinguish between heros and cowards).

bikingbrady said...

Start telling your story and posting the license plate numbers. It's good therapy for me!