Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day in the Life of a Bike

Arriving at the bike locker, early in the morning.

In my street clothes, I ride to the bike shop for some repairs.

Phil think my derailleur has finally worn out after 32 years! He makes some adjustments so I can ride home in the afternoon!

Big Sexy has been at the shop on consignment since late November. It might be time to bring the bike back home, fix it up, and start riding the beast!

Riding back to work on my lunch hour through the old post-war neighborhoods of Tucson.

After work, I climb up Swan with a group of young lads. They're too fast for me so I bid them farewell!

I make it back to the YMCA--it was a tough windy afternoon, and the end of a long week. I had ridden the bike four out of five days and logged 130 miles for the week.

I'll drive the nine miles to home. 18 miles driving round trip by car as opposed to 52 miles round trip by driving to work and home.

It takes effort, but commuting by bike is worth it--for my health and my sanity.
Cheers! Bruce

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