Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Windy Days

This is heading East as the Sun comes up over Pusch Ridge, at the beginning of my commute.

Still a bit chilly in parts of the mountains, and in the river breaks.

I'm about four miles from the office in this image. I'm on the River Parks Bike and Running Route. If I take the River Path, its about 80 per cent of my ride.

The bike stays in the bike locker all day. I take off my bike shoes and slip on an old pair of sandals to walk a block from the locker to the office. That way I don't wear down the clips on the shoes, plus mes amis, you know how hard it is to walk in those things!

Instead of taking the Bike Path home, I have elected to take the heavy-traffic, bit more dangerous route home. First I make this three mile climb--and I would say it's better to make the left here on Sunrise and Swan, rather than make the very dangerous left on Ina and La Cholla--one of the busiest intersections in my part of Tucson.

Dang! I'm certainly not a fan of cosmetic surgery...

Speed cameras have been installed--so all the twits slow down to 30 mph. The thing here is that the speed limit is 45 mph, and the cameras don't go off until you reach 11 mph over 45--so that means 56 mph. Still, shit for brains car drivers suddenly put on their brakes when they start getting close to this new sign. They advertised in the paper, on tv, and on radio that the signs were not working for months--because they were having electrical problems--and the cameras were not even installed. Driver still put on their brakes and slowed to 30 mph.

After almost being involved in a multiple collision with some fucking idiot screeching to a sudden stop a the sight of a metal pole--I decided that riding the bike would be safer--and smarter. Already a driver lost control from seeing the poles (which were not operating) and she wrapped her mommy van around and took out a power pole. The power pole fell into the street and when I arrived (by bike, gliding past backed up traffic) the fire department and utility crews were lifting the pole our of the road. And all the traffic lights were out for three miles. Police were directing morning rush-hour traffic...

I think Global Warming has burnt out what few brain cells some people in this country have left up there between their ears.


Doohickie said...

Windy indeed. I battled a 15 mph wind all the way home today. It looked nice when I left the office, so I took a long route home. I'm glad I did it, but most of the trip was under 20 mph.

Anonymous said...

That jersey looks good!