Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tale Wind


I rode in this morning and didn’t have to use lights (I’m not using the hub) and I took my jacket but did not wear it—I think it was almost 50 degrees…

Slow-going, I believe, because there’s wind coming from out of the South East. That means a rare headwind on the commute into to the office. Since the morning is spent climbing, that extra bit of wind makes the ride strenuous. Oh yeah, and I carried about 15 extra pounds of things in my saddle and handle bar bags that I needed for the office. For one, books from the University Medical Library. I’m doing some research for a physician friend in Texas. My turn to bring coffee so that was a few pounds stowed on board as well. A bunch of left-over spaghetti, apples and oranges—a pair of shoes.

I wish I had more to tell you about the weekend—very windy out here in Tucson with lots of dry and hot dust. It’s not air pollution from cars and such, just dirt and dust from the desert.

Riding into the Sunset on Sunrise Rd...

After work and stepping outside, the wind had my name on it, mes amis! I sailed through a hot sepia-toned sunset to the YMCA. The hour of freedom I live for—you know the feeling, Gentle Readers of This Blog!


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