Thursday, April 09, 2009


Wake up, Gentle Readers of This Blog!

Made the long-way 26 mile ride into work this morning. It took two hours. This is because I missed a couple of turns—the sun was blinding as it popped up over Mt. Lemmon.

Bon Jour!

I rode past La Canada on Moore Rd, and then had to back-track.

No horsing around in Oro Valley!

I also missed the street on Calle Concordia, the Mt. Lemmon Brevet Course, because I was asleep or something. Had to back-track, because I did not want to ride on Oracle Rd—which is haul-ass busy.

I will head right of the front of the ridge here, and then climb for the morning to the top for the descent into my office.
I pooped around the house and didn't get in the saddle until 6am—that is way too late, mes amis! I should roll by 5:15 a.m. because I’m outta shape and I must climb about seven miles before I reach Oro Valley—then I must climb again up Ina and Sunrise (a steady descent in the foothills of a mountain ridge) then I coast into work.

The hub back on the Raleigh for the long commute...

I should have taken the faster shortcut near my house, but the days of riding on that road are over, so I have to go the long way. Used to be I’d climb the lonely road up Tangerine to Thornydale, 25 to 30 MPH for four miles down narrow Thornydale to the bike lane. All the traffic was coming up the road, and I’d be the only one going down. Now there’s five times, sometimes ten times the amount of traffic. The pavement is crumbling to big chunks. Way too dangerous for my blood.

I have friends in the Laundry Dept here at the Desert San!

I am out of shape. I need to simply ride every day and gain that fitness back. That’s the trouble when you’re not a young guy anymore; if you let up on the exercise, the weight comes back on quickly.


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