Thursday, April 23, 2009


This morning I made the long commute from home all the way into the office. 26 miles of bliss/intensity as I was determined to get my ass there in less than two hours.

Time to the Desert San from Dog Mtn—exactly one hour and 20 minutes. No photos for you today, Gentle Readers, as I just kept things going as fast as possible.

Things I shouldn’t do—I gave Callie half my breakfast. She got up to see what I was doing ready so early. I’m sure she went back to bed while I charged up Tangerine Rd, burning off my half of breakfast in short order. I was starving on the way to the bike locker! Luckily I had a power bar stashed in my desk for when I got in.

So we had this All Employee Meeting first thing this morning—and I was in there and not able stay awake—plus I was bonking. I needed more calories to replace the ones I burned up coming in.

At lunch I went with Bob to the buffet at our Fu King Chinese Restaurant down the road. It was good this time—a few years ago I went and it was crap. So it was pretty good and I stuffed myself… Most of the day at the desk today, I am sleepy.

One of the cars is in the shop and I will pick it up after work. I drive it home today. Little Egypt will be by and then we’ll go fetch the vehicle. By the way, she backed-up into a post and dented her new car. If I so much as fart in her car—or mine—I never hear the end of it, mes amis!

It will be nice to get home a little early. Callie and I will go to the park and enjoy the evening.

Cheers! Bruce

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