Monday, August 09, 2010

Sunday Drivers

Boss and me on the way back from a loop up to Catalina. We've ridden from the other side of Pusch Ridge that you see up there, mes amis.

I had planned a big ride Saturday but it rained out, Gentle Reader of This Blog. The rain started about midnight, and kept going well into the morning. I was going to ride my 70 loop around Dog Mtn, but the rain cloud that rolled in just hung out and so I stayed in and did chores.

Catalina Mtn Range in the back ground--I believe we're just passing Catalina State Park.

Some dude pulling a speed boat? In the desert?

Well, Boss and me is riding along, having a good laugh as we always do--we're on the way home after all the climbing up to Catalina... Some lady in a van almost runs down Boss Man--I mean just almost hits him from behind! I, for the life of me, can't see how she missed not seeing us. We've got on bright jerseys and all--I mean come on! Boss was indifferent, but I was certain she was going to hit him. Thing was, when she stopped suddenly, and then honked at him, laying on that horn--I almost rear-ended her van. So somehow she come down and cut between us to make her right turn, and didn't execute it quite right, almost hitting Alan. I wonder how close she came to hitting me?

Boss turns off to head home...
Right now I'm feeling pretty fit. I've lost weight and just that 10 pounds had made a difference. Boss and I talked about what's next. Training with a heart rate monitor has been helpful, but really Gentle Readers of This Blog, I think a great deal has to do with a major change in my diet, and going to bed early and getting lots of sleep--and taking a rest day now and then.
Oh yeah, the toe thing is correcting itself. We just have lots of sand and grit in Tucson--got to keep the gear cleaned up good.
Cheers! Bruce

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