Monday, August 16, 2010

Kansas Baby

Little Egypt and I and enjoy a swank breakfast on Mass Ave in Lawrence, Kansas.

I went to Kansas to see my Little Egypt as she's been working there since this January.

The Stadium on the campus of Haskell Native Nations University, which was at one time, in 1888, Haskell Indian School.

The Indian Wars in this country were from roughly 1875 to 1891, and rather than be killed or starve to death in those conflicts, indian chlildren were sent here to Lawrence, Kansas in order to get trained in I guess what you could call "Industrial Arts and Agriculture"

Life on reservations were bleak; well meaning whites founded the school in the 1880s as a way for the children to learn skills and get jobs.

The school became a high school, and then a community college, and now its a four-year university. Many young men from Haskell Indian School fought in World War I, hence the Arch de Triumph style structure built in their memory in 1926.

One of the original school buildings from the 1880s. Not used much anymore.

Auditorium built in the 1940s.

Little Egypt has a faculty position here at Haskell, and she's giving me the tour.

Haskell Students can also attend classes at KU there in Lawrence which is just a few miles from the Haskell Campus.

School had not started yet, but when Little Egypt and I went out Saturday Night, there were lots of people out having a good time. Little Egypt found a jazz club and we went--and to be honest, I thought the dudes on the bill were pretty lame.

After a few beers, and then their second set of tunes, they sounded better. Everybody was a little wasted and we all got up and danced to what they were blowing and banging out from the stage.
Cheers! Bruce

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