Sunday, August 01, 2010

August--Time to Get Going

Sunday morning on the Trek 2.3

I've been training with a heart rate monitor. Mashing is for potatoes and something that I don't do anymore--riding at a higher cadence and shifting gears has made a difference too. Probably the most important thing I've done, besides ride more, is change what I eat.

Boss on the road...

Rarely eating red meat, no pop, only a beer now and then--more fresh fruits and vegetables, very little or almost nothing processed. It has been difficult, but eating actual food instead of crap had been what's taken 10 pounds off my carcass.

Spin class a few days a week with Desert San nurses has helped too--still don't know if I want to continue spin because the gym is kinda a meat-market--and not my scene, but we'll see.

Oro Valley, and this is the easy climb, mes amis! When I'm riding home, this is a tough slog up to Dog Mtn!

Time to go for the next step up--my training and riding has been at the same level for so long, Gentle Reader of This Blog, that now I believe with some effort, I can really reach those goals I've had: Gold El Tour Time, and Super Randonneur...

Being on top of things, organized, and ready for the work week means that I'll try to ride longer and more challenging rides on the weekends. Figuring out rest days is on my mind and important too. The last two weeks I think I just rode so many miles that my body pretty much was going, "Whoa, Dude--Rest Day!"

Mt. Lemmon in a cloud, Pusch Ridge in front of us--on Calle Concordia and heading back to the Catalinas.

Today August 1st, the Boss and I had a pretty good ride--we talked about goals and where I should be at with some rides coming up. Boss and I both want fast El Tour times and that means training right, riding smart, and mixing it up. I will look to see if I can ride with a club--getting dropped is a tough thing--but I want to ride all the El Tour training rides and that should do the trick. That's coming up fast, mes amis! September 12th!

For El Tour times, I'll need to get with the right pace line--be able to keep up and not blow out. Easier said than done...

Cheers! Bruce


Dan Trued said...

Sounds like you are on your way, a fully integrated approach, the only real way of doing it. Good luck with your goals,especially Super Rando. Maybe I should do some training, I'm getting tired of being passed by fat women (but they're just so powerful that's how I justify it ;)


Big Clyde said...

I'll be doing my 2nd El Tour in November. Still just the 35-miler, but this time, I've convinced my buddy, my wife and some of my kids to take up cycling and join me!

Good luck on your upcoming training. See you out there!