Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Commute to Work--with Girls

Callie has finished her breakfast, now she waits for me to make mine--so she can have some/most of it. Can't I like even comb my hair first, Callie?

One week not on the bike so it was rough dragging myself outta the sack.

East on Ina Rd about 6 a.m.

Look out! Here I come!

I pulled up to a light and behind this woman on her road bike. I said good morning, and she just turned around and glared at me. When the light changed, she took off as fast as she could. This is so typical Tucson roadie it seems--like I'm gonna rob her or something right there in the intersection?
I caught up to her quickly and she tried to ride away and pretend I wasn't there. So I just hung right on her wheel for the climb up Ina to annoy her. Sweat was running down her face--and when I saw that she was starting to struggle, I took off. Have a nice day!

Looking back West--I'm on the fast rollers on Skyline Dr.

Double Century!

East on Sunrise Dr. making the last long climb to Craycroft.

Sunrise Dr. is right! Man the Sun is up, mes amis!

Looking back up Craycroft to the foothills.

Getting ready to dive down into the Tucson Valley at 35 mph!

The old Desert San water tower from 1927, a Tucson Landmark.
Cheers! Bruce

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