Thursday, August 05, 2010


I believe I’ve developed an embarrassing injury. I think I’ve figured out the possible cause, but if any of you have advice on this matter, I would greatly appreciate it—

Okay, I have what appears to be a corn on one of my toes, underneath at the joint, on my left foot. It is very painful!

A few weeks ago I was having knee problems, I believe, because I’d worn my cleats out. I changed them and I tried very extra special hard to put the replacements exactly very special in the same place as before. Everything seemed to line up perfectly.

Then when a monsoon rain soaked me and my kit—I cleaned all the sand and oil out of my shoes. I believe I have messed up the inserts in my shoes from the bike fit I had, and reversed them—or done something to that effect.

The medical literature says the problem is poor foot ware.

I’ve been putting in a lot of miles, Gentler Reader, a lot of miles in temps over 100 degrees—in fact temperature from 103 to 106. Maybe the combination of the miles and the sweat has led to this problem. Do I need new bike shoes? I think the shoes this current pair has 3000 miles or more(?)

I just have a brevet coming up and the pain feels like I’m standing on a pin—and its going right through my toe. It is not fun, Gentle Reader of This Blog…

So I took a rest day today as its 104 and very humid—not that I can’t ride in that heat, it’s just that I decided to take a day off to rest the foot—and wear different shoes to the office. So far so good I think.

I feel like asking one of the physicians here at the San to just snip the toe off below the cheeky bugger—the term amputation would be extreme so I think snip is more to my liking.

I’m doing a short ride Friday morning, but Saturday I have a 70+ ride planned. I do not want to make matters worse, but at the same time, I need to keep my momentum going with the training…

Cheers! Bruce


Red Bike said...

Ealier this year I managed to leave a bit of newspaper in my shoe after having put the paper in to aid drying the shoes out.

It took me nearly a week to discover the left over paper and work out why my shoe didn't seem to fit! I just thought the insole had deformed due to its soaking.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...


Thanks! I spent some time last night going over everything, and I found a small rock embedded in shoe's insert. I don't know how I missed that--but it sure caused me a lot of grief--I thought I was going to have to take the weekend off. My ride in this morning was pain free, thank goodness... I hope things are going well and you're back in the saddle soon.

Cheers! Bruce

Big Oak said...

I've had the same thing happen to me - a small rock stuck in the insert - several times and in the same general location.

I hope that is the end of your foot woes.

John Romeo Alpha said...

Liquid nitrogen, Bruce. I have no idea if it's a good idea for corns, but it would make a hell of a blog post.

bikingbrady said...

Glad you got it corrected Bruce. Sounded like a bad deal initially!