Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mt. Lemmon by Bike--or Pizza Pie in the Sky

There's no rush to get to the top of Mt. Lemmon, Gentle Readers of This Blog--just take your time and float up with the clouds...

I was having camera problems, mes amis, and thought that I'd have no photos and post for you this trip. Le Tigre and I went up and I have to say--it was hot--even when we started to climb at Mile Marker 0 at 7 a.m. We had parked down by Le Buzz and made the warm-up trip of a few miles before the real climbing began for us.

Le Tigre had to turn around and go back to Tucson, but he powered up to Palisades with my empty water bottles, and would bring me back filled ones. I should have had my Camelbak, mes amis because I went through three bottles with only a few miles to go before Palisades at mile 19--but they were hard miles and I don't know if I would have made it if not for Ryan dropping off water for me on his way down.

I keep pushing to Palisades.

It's cooling off up here at 8000 feet...

I would not have made it had Le Tigre not rode up ahead and then brought me back two bottles filled from the Palisades Ranger Station!

Palisades! Take a rest and load up on water--if you have time, ride to Summerhaven!

Keep going! You can do it! Almost there!

Riding Mt. Lemmon--go early, bring enough water, eat for energy, over come your fear of wanting to turn back. That's the hard one, mes amis--I always struggle with the desire to turn around at least three times. Try to keep going! You can do it!

Mt. Lemmon, AZ Post Office.

There's a restroom in back and nice and cold water fountains too. The volunteers in the center were very friendly and helpful.

Pie in the Sky!

Bike parking at the Community Center--rest rooms and water in the back...

My Buddy Mike at if I use your reserve parking spot, Mike?

It will take me an hour to ride down and back to my car--I'll need to watch for bears!

Big Guys go down hill fast, Gentle Readers of This Blog! With no traffic today on a week-day, I push my speed limit a bit beyond my comfort zone...

Looking back, I'm thinking to myself, "Did I really climb that road?" YES! So fast coming down--enjoy the feeling of flying, mes amis!

Thimble Peak in Sabino Canyon up there ahead.

Saguaro seem to cheer you on!

Tucson is site! Also starting to get hot!

Thanks to Brad's mom and dad for the safe shoulder we have to ride on.

The temp now is 103--it was 70 in Summerhaven about an hour ago!

I just dumped all my gear in the kitchen--I need to take a shower, get some food, and sleep a few hours, mes amis! I'll clean up all this stuff later.

Cheers! Bruce

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Sir Bikesalot said...

Once again I am jealous of your epic climb in your backyard.