Tuesday, August 03, 2010

5 o'clock Shadow

Heading up Swan Ave for the ride home.

Riding in this morning, I almost got creamed by some stupid bitch speeding and then cutting me off with a right hook, at the light at Sunrise and Craycroft. There's been some construction going on up the road, so there's people using this intersection as a short-cut. Without going into too much detail, this is a major bike route, and this right turn has been designed to accommodate drivers that need to turn right, cyclists that want to continue going straight--and cyclist wanting to turn right, in such a way that these maneuvers go smoothly and safely.

People are driving usually pretty fast but there's quite a stretch such that there's room for a bike to turn and a car driver can see you in the bike lane--there is a brief stretch where a car and a bike would intersect. I always signal with my arm, look over my shoulder, and make sure that the driver knows I'm turning--and not to fucking try to beat me to the turn. This is because I'm riding at 25 mph and will be at the turn when you, Mr. Car Driver are there as well. So just wait not even to seconds, and let me make the turn.

The woman I mentioned above misjudged my speed and her ability, and sped up to try to beat me to the right turn--this after I looked over my shoulder, and then looked her in the eye, and signaled a right turn with my arm--but she sped up and I put out my arm and was saying, "Hey just hold on!" But instead she floored it--and she almost hit the cement island as she made the right hook and then just missed hitting me. WTF was that?

What gets me is that I could tell she was nurse at the Desert San--she had on scrubs and I could see here Desert San ID badge. It was about 10 minutes after 7 so she was high-tailing it to make the shift change no doubt. Usually the times I almost get run over are actually when I'm on campus. As the shift is about to change, here come the nurses barrel-assin' down the road and through the parking lots, cell phone in one hand, cigarette in the other. Twice I've almost got hit just walking across the street to my office.

Okay--rant over...

Time to ride home and leave the job behind me.

It was a great afternoon to ride home. I've felt rested and pretty much took it easy on the first big climb. The wind had eased up a bit so I was making some good time. After almost getting run over this morning, I figure I'd just take it easy and settle in to a nice pace.

This is going up Swan Ave and looking East to Sabino Canyon, which is a place me and friends have ridden to often.

Clouds kept that hot Summer Sun from getting the best of me, Gentle Reader, and I enjoyed the break in the traffic as I leave about 4:45, and get up the hill and headed West to the YMCA before the traffic really builds up with everyone leaving their work at 5 o'clock.

Bike lane after a Monsoon Rain on Ina/Skyline Rd.

As you can see, the bike lane was full of rocks and stuff washed out by over-night rain. This is where you can get a flat pretty quick. Luckily traffic isn't to heavy and I can ride past most of that stuff in the lane. Not much further up, everything was clear and I had a good fast ride all the way to the Y. My average speed was 17 mph, and that's because I made it through all the lights without them turning red on me. When there's a lot more traffic, I've noticed the lights turn more often.

Callie is ready for the team meal!

Thanks for coming along for the ride, mes amis--and be safe out there on the road!


Cheers! Bruce

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