Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Saguaro National Park by Bike

Sunday, I rode from Dog Mtn to John's house for the start of the ride--almost 15 miles--and it was early, Gentle Readers. Bev needed the car for shopping she said--but I knew by the time I got back from the road that she'd be either just be getting out of bed, or just about to leave for the store. (It was just getting into the shower when I called from the cafe a la finis)

It's a beautiful morning and we're heading up Gates Pass and into Saguaro Nat'l Park.

Larry and John say that Bev's probably waiting for the pool boy.
Hey wait a minute? We ain't got a swimming pool! Damn that pool boy!

The views make you forget about the climb.

I'm feeling quite spry this morning. Its the last day of the Tour de France, so I'm wearing my yellow jersey to commemorate the occasion. My old Da and I watched the TDF back when he was dying of brain cancer in 2001. He bought me this yellow jersey as a gift one afternoon--back in Tulsa where I was born--where he was born, raised, and died. Da, you left us much to young...

Gates Pass and near the top of what the local boyz call the Backside of Gates Pass.

I have to say that it is a challenge and here's our rest stop.

John calls Cathy.

We decide to go a different route to put in some more miles today. Rain was forecast for the entire weekend but the storms didn't make it out our way--we had clear skies, but it was very humid.

The monsoons have brought the desert to life! It is beautiful out here!

There's some fast rollers in the Park!

We're almost to the most Southern boundary of Saguaro Nat'l Park in this photo. I must tell you that there was almost no traffic--you could hear thousands of bird songs in the hot muggy air this morning.

We make a quick stop for water and an Egg McSomething, at Kinny Rd and Ajo Way.

I think this is Mission Rd--we are deep in South Tucson and now heading towards downtown. You can see that clouds have parked themselves up on Mt. Lemmon in the background.

Because of construction and archeology sites, we have to go around the base for a bit of a detour for a few miles.

On our way up A Mountain.

Downtown Tucson for your viewing pleasure.

Yours on A Mountain, feeling strong!

We discuss our route back. I believe we decide the fast way because now its getting hot--close to 100 degrees at around 10 a.m.

During our spin back home, Larry pulled off to his house, and John and I continued on to the cafe up in Dog Mtn. It just so happened that Gerry Goode, our Dear Friend, and Famous American Randonneur (I'm not kidding) arrives at same cafe.

Gerry is strong as ever, always funny, and of course--has a few great stories about this last year's Paris-Brest-Paris.

Thanks for coming along, mes amis! Cheers! Bruce

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