Tuesday, July 22, 2008

South Mtn Park, Phoenix, Arizona, or, No Sweat!

Saturday night rain made Sunday morning humid.

We're just riding into Tempe on Mill Ave.

Dang it's hot and muggy! We're dripping and soaked with sweat.

This woman was walking four German Shepards.

This does not escape Neighborhood Cat on Neighborhood Watch.

Baseline Rd is not the best place to get a flat.

South Mtn Park and our planned destination--The TV Towers.

Steve and I had a great breakfast of protein pancakes, eggs and sausages at our favorite breakfast place, US Egg.

Ranger Station.

We've brought an extra bottle to carry for the ascent up to the TV Towers.

We'll have eight miles of good climbing to reach the summit.

I'm feeling pretty strong. At times a cool breeze rolls down the road. It's humid, hot, and we're dripping with sweat.

Downtown Phoenix, Arizona, looking North, from about half-way up. Its still pretty early on Sunday morning. We've seen a few motorcycles and one or two cars. Steve and I are the only cyclists thus far.

Climbing Summit Rd.

We've done all the Vistas before. This morning I just want to do the TV Towers and get back so I can drive home to Tucson and still have some late afternoon to do stuff.

There's about a mile and a half to two miles to go--this is the tough part, Gentle Reader.

We're at the top. There's a small parking lot up here--it can also be used as a heliport. This is looking West onto the Gilla Indian Reservation.

Yours with TV Towers in the background, on the top of South Mtn.

Riding back--Downtown Phoenix.

We ride through Tempe and Arizona State University.

Steve, Star of the Blog--riding strong!

Leaving Tempe and ASU Campus, getting ready for the fast rollers in Papago Park up ahead.

Thanks for coming along!

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bikingbrady said...

What happened to your "dry heat"?