Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Break Up, or One Less Car

22X, or my 2002 Hyundi Sonota

My life is complex and there is much mystery to why shit happens—but a good hardy bike commute filled with Rednecks, Porsches, Snowbirds, and 103 degree temps—well, what can I say? It makes everything okay!

We decided we will have only two cars instead of three. Not so “Lil’ Ricky’ will be taking my car off to school. Bev and I will share her car—so really we’ll have only one car at home—but what I’ll do is step up and ride the bike. This means I’m gonna walk the walk and not just talk the talk.

After a certain point in his young adult life, Ricky will have to pay his own insurance and buy his own car. I’ll help him if I can of course, but I know he can get another 100,000 miles on this one before the day comes and they too must part. Actually we owe about another year of payments—and I hope to God Ricky doesn’t destroy it by then.

Fold down the back seat, take off front wheel, and the bike fits perfectly--off to a brevet!

It’s actually breaking my heart, Gentle Readers of This Blog, to see my ride go. I loved my car; I kept it in good shape and had few problems, if any, with it mechanically. But, like all cars—it sits un-used 23 hours a day—sucking money out of my modest checking account.

Callie had this thing about the trunk. Here she is keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

I rode the 25 mile commute into the office this morning. It was beautiful. It’s monsoon time here in Tucson—rain has made everything fresh and alive. The air is without dust; birds are singing—bees are busy, and a bobcat checked out my backyard yesterday evening. It’s like the desert has breathed a big sigh of relief.

Okay, so now I have about a 50 mile round trip commute in front of me.

I have a week’s worth of work attire stashed in the office. This morning I packed everything in the Carridice bike bag, which fits nicely with my Brookes saddle. It was good not have the back-pack for the commute, stuffed with all the crap I don’t need and can leave at the office (Geez I finally figured that out…)

Now the best part will be the ride home. It will either be 103 degrees with a headwind, or heavy rain with lightning.

As I claim to have the grit of a Randonneur, this should have no effect on me what so ever.

Allure Libre!

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