Friday, August 01, 2008

104 Degrees, Should I Mention the Headwind?

July, that sassy month! I was less than thrilled last night when I rolled out of the office and it was 104 degrees. And I will mention the head wind, Gentle Readers of This Blog--I must say that it was fierce! Oh yes--Unforgivingly brutal--kind of like forgetting to buy your BayBee a Birthday present. Pissed off and not going to let you forget as long as you exist seemed the mood...

Where this mysterious spirit came from I do not know. Since all other humans were tucked-comfy in there automobiles, said pissed off mysterious spirit spied the lone Randonneur, "Ah ha! A nice fat juicy victim--he shall feel my freakin' wrath!"

Did I ever-- I was grilled well-done by the time I was to start my three mile climb to the YMCA--out of water and getting cramps. I do not know what made me keep going other than I seemed to be in survival mode. Just got to keep going...

When I have to cross three lanes of busy traffic to get into position to make a left turn at the intersection of La Cholla and Ina (a very busy intersection indeed) I think what ever I have left kicks in--eyes sharpen, lungs expand, heart pumps the blood, and legs power-up.

If I can get into the left turn lane without getting killed--well then, I have made it. Motorists by now who see me regularly riding up this road seem to be giving me some room, and that's much appreciated. It's kind of like I have to do a 100 yard sprint to the light. And then when the light turns green with the left arrow, I need to sprint again to get into a position in the bike lane where cars can pass me. I used to ride up and and cut in front of the drivers waiting to turn left, but I found this doesn't sit well with them. I take the advise of Larry, which is "Act like a car." so I do and that means there's no surprises for motorists.

Bev arrived at the YMCA right when I rolled up. Bike is stowed and we're off to Pizza Hut--Bev has called in and now we're just a few miles from there for carry-out. I am under strict orders not to tear into the pizzas sitting in the back seat cooling down, and filling the car with the aroma of bread and cheese, etc.

It doesn't matter because I'm wiped out, sitting in a stupor. Just let the AC blow on me--and get me home.

Everything was ready for my Friday morning commute. I didn't have to do anything last night but eat pizza, shower, and go to bed. It was just really one of those days when the heat and headwind took everything I had--and that was just in a mere 15 miles.

Allure Libre!


Sir Bikesalot said...

Cheers! My usual ride home went on vacation so I was out in the heat today too. 110 degrees and 14 miles of heat to ride through. I didn't have hills though.

Bruce's Bike Blog said...


Remember the last Brevet we rode together? With Steve Star of the Blog? Exactly how many degrees above zero was it out there in the desert that morning?